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Welcome to the AOS story!


Welcome to the AOS story!
Back in 2016, born in Jody’s garage and fuelled by a love for outdoor cooking and socialising began the AOS journey. What started as Amazing Outdoor Spaces soon evolved, and by 2019, we became the AOS Outdoor Kitchens Ltd. you know today.

Fast forward to now, and we are based at our showroom and warehouse in Ringwood and cover the whole of the UK. We are pretty proud to be the leading outdoor kitchen specialists in the south, bringing a wealth of knowledge to help you get your outdoor space just right.

But hey, we are not just about kitchens. Think patios for summer BBQs, cozy shelters for those chillier nights, fire pits for stories under the stars, and garden rooms for... well, whatever your heart desires!

So, come on down and have a chat. We are all about
"making your outdoor dreams a reality", one awesome project at a time.


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