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Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the AOS Referral Programme


At AOS Kitchens, we believe that the best recommendations come from those who have experienced the magic of our outdoor kitchens firsthand. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the AOS Referral Programme, a unique opportunity for our loyal customers to share the AOS experience with friends and earn exclusive rewards in the process.

How It Works:

  • Refer a friend: Simply fill out the two forms below with your's and your friend's details. It's quick, easy, and secure.

  • Your friend gets notified: Once you've submitted both forms, your friend will receive an email, including your personalised message, letting them know they've been referred to the unparalleled world of AOS Outdoor Kitchens. You will then be eligible for your referral reward once they purchase their outdoor kitchen from us.

  • Earn your rewards: For every successful referral, you have the choice of:

    • £120 to spend at the AOS store, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living space.

    • A complimentary DeliVita Diavolo pizza oven, bringing authentic pizza-making to your garden.

    • A gift voucher to the renowned UK BBQ school's BBQ fundamentals class, where you can hone your grilling skills to perfection.


Why Refer?

  • Share the love: Introduce your friends to the premium world of AOS outdoor kitchens and let them discover the joy of elevated outdoor living.

  • Exclusive rewards: From shopping sprees to mastering the art of BBQ, our rewards are tailored to ensure you get the best of the outdoor culinary world.

  • Strengthen the community: Every referral helps grow our passionate community of outdoor kitchen enthusiasts.


Join the AOS Referral Programme today and let's craft unforgettable outdoor experiences, together.

Find Out More About the Referral Rewards

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