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Delivita Pizza Ovens at AOS 

Buy all the latest Delivita Ovens and Accessories at AOS Outdoor Kitchens.

AOS Outdoor Kitchens presents DeliVita, a brand that combines Italian inspiration and Yorkshire craftsmanship to create versatile outdoor ovens. From wood-fired to eco-friendly gas ovens, DeliVita offers a range of options for every outdoor cooking enthusiast. Their award-winning designs are perfect for cooking a variety of dishes, from pizzas to steaks, fish, and vegetables. With DeliVita, you can enjoy authentic, eco-friendly, and portable cooking experiences in your dream outdoor kitchen.


Delivita at AOS

DeliVita, a brand that brings the authentic Italian-style pizza experience right to your backyard. DeliVita's outdoor ovens are inspired by Italy and handmade in Yorkshire, combining great design with modern technology.

The DeliVita collection includes the award-winning wood-fired oven, perfect for cooking pizza, steaks, fish, and vegetables. For those seeking an environmentally friendly alternative, the DeliVita Eco gas oven offers the same quality without compromising on taste. The Pro Dual Fuel Oven combines the convenience of gas with the incredible flavour of wood-fired cooking, offering professional-quality cooking at home.

DeliVita also introduces the Diavolo, a gas-fired pizza oven that is the ultimate portable party oven. Outdoor cooking has never been more exciting!

In addition to their ovens, DeliVita offers a range of accessories and pantry items to enhance your cooking experience. They also provide a variety of recipes for you to try, from Tomato Kofte Traybake to Oven Baked Fish and Chips.

With DeliVita, you can enjoy authentic cooking in an eco-friendly, award-winning, portable oven, handmade in Yorkshire. With AOS Outdoor Kitchens and DeliVita, your dream outdoor kitchen is within reach.



AOS Outdoor Kitchens is proud to feature the DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, an award-winning oven that brings the authentic taste of Italian pizza to your backyard. This oven, designed for outdoor entertaining, features a clay and stone interior that's perfect for cooking not just pizza, but also steaks, fish, and vegetables.

The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven is part of a range of handmade, artisan outdoor ovens inspired by Italy and handmade in Yorkshire. Its unique tabletop design makes it easy to transport, allowing you to bring the pizza party wherever you go. The oven reaches an ideal cooking temperature in just 25 minutes, ensuring perfect, restaurant-quality results every time.

The standard DeliVita oven has a cooking area of 540mm x 500mm, large enough for a 12" pizza or a variety of other dishes. This professional-grade oven is available in 8 different colours, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your outdoor decor.


With the DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, you can fire up your imagination and create the ultimate outdoor feast. With AOS Outdoor Kitchens and DeliVita, your dream outdoor kitchen is within reach.


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AOS Outdoor Kitchens presents DeliVita’s exclusive range of cooking accessories and essentials, designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. These professional-quality accessories are the perfect companions for your DeliVita outdoor pizza oven.

The range includes a variety of tools and essentials such as the Round Iron Dish, perfect for cooking a variety of dishes in your oven, and the Pizza Cutter, designed to slice your homemade pizzas with ease. For those who prefer wood-fired cooking, the Wood Bundle 20 Kg is a must-have.

Additional accessories include the Oven Door for temperature control, the Deluxe Oven Stand for convenience, and the Pizza Turner for easy handling of your pizzas. The Prod & Blow tool is perfect for managing your fire, and the Pizza Peel is an essential tool for safely placing your pizza in the oven.

To keep your oven clean and well-maintained, the Oven Brush is a handy tool. For safety, DeliVita offers a Leather Glove and Leather Apron. The Infrared Gun is a useful tool for checking the temperature of your oven.

DeliVita also offers a range of other products like the Wood Fired Feast and Fired Recipe Book for culinary inspiration, the Dough Scraper for perfect pizza dough, and the DeliVita Chimney for efficient smoke management.

With DeliVita accessories, you can cook, roast, and bake like a pro in your outdoor kitchen. With AOS Outdoor Kitchens and DeliVita, your dream outdoor kitchen is within reach.


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