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First-Ever Built-In Traeger Grill

AOS Outdoor Kitchens: Revolutionising Outdoor Cooking with the First-Ever Built-In Traeger Grill

AOS Outdoor Kitchens, a leading name in outdoor kitchen design and construction, is excited to announce a groundbreaking achievement in outdoor cooking spaces. For the first time, AOS Outdoor Kitchens has successfully fully integrated the renowned Traeger Timberline XL pellet grill into its bespoke outdoor kitchen setups, establishing a new standard in luxury outdoor kitchens.


This development is part of AOS Outdoor Kitchens' recent collaboration with Traeger, a trailblazer in pellet grill innovation. While Traeger's vision of 'built-in' grills traditionally meant wheeling their units into an outdoor kitchen, AOS Outdoor Kitchens has taken this concept to the next level. The expert team at AOS Outdoor Kitchens has skilfully engineered a solution to fully incorporate the Timberline XL into their bespoke outdoor kitchens, offering a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design.

The new outdoor kitchen display, now a highlight of AOS Outdoor Kitchens' showroom, showcases the versatility and elegance of the Traeger Timberline XL, now a permanent, built-in feature of the kitchen ensemble. This marks a significant advancement in outdoor kitchen design, combining the rustic charm and advanced technology of Traeger grills with the sophistication and durability of AOS Outdoor Kitchens' bespoke setups.

Jody Crichton, CEO & Founder of AOS Outdoor Kitchens, said, “We're really excited to now be partnered with Traeger, as it allows us to push the boundaries of what's possible in outdoor kitchen design. Our customers are always searching for the ultimate in outdoor cooking and living experiences. Being able to integrate these incredible grills, which are packed with seriously advanced technology, is set to take our outdoor kitchen offerings to an entirely new level.”

Alongside this new integration, AOS Outdoor Kitchens continues to offer an extensive range of high-quality outdoor cooking appliances and accessories, including BBQs, pizza ovens, and kamado ovens. The company remains committed to excellence and innovation in outdoor cooking spaces.

For more information about the new outdoor kitchen featuring the built-in Traeger Timberline XL, or to explore the full range of products and services, please visit the showroom or explore the AOS Outdoor Kitchens website.

About AOS Outdoor Kitchens

Based in Ringwood, AOS Outdoor Kitchens specialises in the design, construction, and furnishing of luxury outdoor kitchens in the UK. With a passion for outdoor living and culinary excellence, AOS Outdoor Kitchens provides bespoke and modular solutions incorporating the latest in outdoor cooking technology and outdoor living design trends.


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Jody Crichton

CEO & Founder

AOS Outdoor Kitchens

Unit 10, Pintail Business Park, 165 Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, UK, BH24 3AL

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