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While visiting Coastal Garden Buildings located at Stewarts Garden Centre, you had a firsthand look at the Napoleon Oasis modular outdoor kitchen, one of the many premium modular outdoor kitchen brands we proudly offer. These modular units, such as the undergrill units, drawers, cupboards, kitchen roll holders, fridges, sinks and pull out waste bin cupboards, offer a tailored fit for every space and need. While they provide a vast array of combinations, they have their limits in terms of complete personalisation.


For those seeking an entirely unique creation, our bespoke outdoor kitchens are the pinnacle of customisation. Built from the ground up, every aspect, from the finish and worktops to the size of the drawers, is crafted to your exact specifications. It's where your imagination meets our craftsmanship.

Then there's our AOS modular selection, bridging the gap between modular and bespoke. Made in-house, these units combine the convenience of modular with the personal touch of bespoke, offering a tailored experience.

Whether you're looking for a mix of modular and bespoke elements, such as a modular setup with a custom-built island, or a dedicated space for a unique cooking appliance, we have the flexibility and expertise to bring your vision to life. With us, your outdoor kitchen isn't just a cooking space; it's a reflection of your individuality and passion for outdoor living.

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Why Choose AOS?

Diverse Offerings: From renowned brands like Burnout, Beefeater and Napoleon, to our in-house AOS modular selection, we provide a spectrum of choices to cater to every preference.

True Customisation: Our bespoke kitchens are crafted from scratch, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision. From finishes to functionalities, you're in control.

Expertise and Craftsmanship: With years of experience in outdoor kitchen design and construction, we guarantee quality and durability in every project.

One-Stop Shop: Beyond just outdoor kitchens, we're your go-to destination for everything outdoor cooking. Whether it's modular or bespoke shelters, top-of-the-line cooking appliances such as pizza ovens, BBQs, and kamado ovens, or essential accessories ranging from pizza peels to recipe books, we've got you covered. Plus, for those seeking personalised outdoor kitchen covers, we facilitate the process, ensuring your garden kitchen is protected in style.

Further Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

Take a tour around this stunning sheltered outdoor kitchen in our latest completed kitchen walkthrough video. This kitchen was built in the garden of a beautiful home in Milton Keynes, UK. In this video, learn about how this garden kitchen was constructed, the different appliances and gather tips and tricks for your own outdoor living space.

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